County Commission


county commission members

James D Conn, Presiding Commissioner
Mitch Pullen, Commissioner 1st District
Darrell Jones, Commissioner 2nd District
Emily K Pullen, County Clerk

The governing body of Mississippi County is entitled the County Commission and is composed of three County Commissioners.  The Presiding Commissioner is elected at-large for a four-year term and presides over the weekly regular meetings of the Commission.  The two Associate Commissioners are elected from each of their respective districts for four-year term, the district being divided by townships with each district being nearly equal in population as practicable and being of contiguous territory.

The County Clerk maintains permanent record of the proceedings of the County Commission (formerly County Court) and the records date back to 1845 the year Mississippi county was formed.  These records are maintained in the archives of the courthouse.

The Mississippi County Commission meets every Thursday at 9:00 a.m. in the County Commission meeting room located in the Mississippi County Courthouse.  Anyone wishing to appear before the Commission should contact the County Clerk in order to be placed on the meeting agenda.

Contact Information:

Mississippi County Commission
P.O. Box 369
Charleston, MO  63834
Ph #: (573)-683-2146 Ext. 2221 or 2223
Fax #: (573)-683-6071