Cyndi Hensley was elected as County Collector in November 2018, taking office March 1, 2019. 

The Collector's office prepares personal and real estate taxes, as well as writing up Merchant Licenses for all of the various merchants in Mississippi County.  The Collector's office is responsible for preparing delinquent real estate tax list to advertise for Tax Sales.

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Tax statements are prepared in October to assure that they are ready to mail the first week in November. (If you do not receive a tax bill by December 1st, please call the Collector's office.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the obligation to pay taxes or applicable late fees.)

Tax payments are accepted in person or by mail.  When paying by mail be sure to include your county-issued tax statement; once payment is received and processed the collector's office will mail a paid receipt back to you.

If payment is received after the due date of December 31st, please refer to the delinquency schedule, located on the right side of the printed tax statement, for the correct amount of payment due.

Merchant's License

Who is a Merchant?

Missouri Law, 150.010 RSMo 1994, indicates that every person, corporation, copartner ship or association of persons, who deals in selling goods, wares and merchandise at any store, stand or place occupied for that purpose, is a merchant.

Do I need a Mississippi County Merchant's License for my Business?
Yes! If you answer yes to all the items in the checklist below:
  • You own or operate a business:
  • The business is located in Mississippi County either within or outside the city limits of any incorporated area
  • There is a sales tax number issued to the business by the Missouri Department of Revenue:
  •  Product or merchandise is sold at retail:
  • You collect and remit sales tax to the Missouri Department of Revenue.
  • If your business is within the City limits you should also check with them for their licensing requirements
How do I obtain a Merchant's License?

Call the Mississippi County Collector's Office at (573)683-2401 they will be happy to answer your questions.  Or, if you prefer, come by the office and we will help you through the process.

Once a sales tax number is obtained bring it in, along with a business or personal check for $25.00, to the Collector's Office.

Your state sales tax number must be included on the application.  If you need more information regarding state sales taxes, please contact the Missouri Department of Revenue in Jefferson City (573)-751-5860.

Your validated license will be mailed to you at the address included on the application.

A Merchant's License is issued
for the calendar year
January 1st thru December 31st
License  Fee

$25.00 Annually
A business with more than one
permanent location is required
to obtain a separate license for
each place of business

Questions??? Call (573)683-2401

A county issued Merchant's
License is in addition to any
city or other local business
license you may have

Delinquent Land Certificate Tax Sale

The tax sale is held annually on the fourth Monday in August commencing at 10:00 a.m. at the west entrance of the Mississippi County Courthouse.
Real Estate property is sold at a public auction when property taxes are two years delinquent.

Delinquent taxes with penalty, interest, and costs may be paid to the county collector at any time before the property is sold.

The list of properties subject to sale is published in a local newspaper for three consecutive weeks prior to the tax sale.

Non-residents of Missouri may not bid unless special arrangements have been made with the collector prior to tax sale.

The sale is conducted by the Collector.  Bidding begins for the amount of taxes, penalties, and sales costs.

Buyers must be present to bid.  Each parcel offered for sale is individually identified by a brief legal description.

The purchaser receives a sale sheet identifying the parcel and bid price at the auction.  The total purchase price must be paid to the collector's office immediately at the close of the sale.  Cashier's check, personal check, bank draft, and cash are accepted.

If the bid is not paid, a penalty of 25% of the bid amount plus a prosecuting attorney's fee, can be assessed against the bidder.

The collector issues a Certificate of Purchase to the Purchaser.  The Certificate of Purchase is retained for one year or until the property is redeemed.

Property Redemption

Property sold for delinquent taxes may be redeemed within one year from the issuance of a Certificate as follows:
  • Please notify the collector's office at least 24 hours prior to the date you will be redeeming.  We recommend scheduling an appointment and allowing twenty minutes to process.
  • Pay the purchaser the amount of the Certificate of Purchase plus 10% annual interest with a cashier check or money order only:
  • Pay the purchaser the amount of subsequent years' taxes paid plus 8% annual interest with a cashier check or money order only: and
  • Reimburse the purchaser the amount of the title search fee if applicable.
  • Property may be redeemed by the owner of record, or on the owner's behalf.  Any tax sale bid amount which resulted in a surplus amount above the delinquent taxes and sales costs paid by the Certificate of Purchase holder is available for the owner of record.  Any surplus amount owed to the entitled party may be obtained from the Mississippi County Treasurer.
  • The collector's office will notify the Certificate of Purchase holder when the property has been redeemed.  The Certificate  of Purchase must be surrendered to the collector before the holder will be reimbursed the bid amount plus interest.  The collector will deliver a county check to the Certificate of Purchase holder for the redeemed amount less the twenty-five  cents redemption fee.
Collector's Deed

If the property has not been redeemed during the two year redemption period, the holder of the Certificate of Purchase may
apply for and receive a Collector's Deed to the property.  A collector's Deed can be issued to the Certificate of Purchase holder
provided the following has occurred:

  • The legal holder of the Certificate of Purchase is named as the original tax sale purchaser or the assignee on the original
  • Certificate of Purchase: 
  • A lien search on the property has been made by the purchaser and verification furnished to the Collector:
  • At least ninety days before requesting a Collector's Deed, the Certificate of Purchase holder has notified any person who holds a publicly recorded deed of trust, mortgage, lease, lien, or claim upon that real estate of their right to redeem such person's publicly recorded security or claim by certified mail and verification of such mailing furnished to the collector:
  • If the search revealed no lien holders, the Certificate of Purchase holder has notified the collector by affidavit that no publicly recorded deed of trust, mortgage, lease, lien, or claim exists:
  • At least ninety days prior to requesting a Collector's Deed, the Certificate of Purchase holder has notified the publicly      recorded at the last known available address. Notification must have been by certified mail, stating the purchaser's intent to obtain a Collector's Deed:
  • The Certificate of Purchase has been surrendered to the collector; and appropriate fees have been paid to the collector   including recording and collection fees.
Failure of the purchaser to obtain a Collector's Deed within two years from the date on the Certificate of Purchase results in the loss of the purchaser's lien on the property.

The Collector's office makes every attempt to
notify interested parties: however, failure to
 receive notice(s) does not affect the legal time
constraints for redeeming property or
obtaining a Collector's Deed.

Questions?  Contact the collector's office for any further information.


200 N Main Street
PO Box 369
Charleston, MO  63834

Direct Line (573) 683-2401