Emergency Management


Mississippi County Local Emergency Planning Commission

Emergency Management has increased in significance over the past several years in Mississippi County.  The county's geographical location subjects it to increased potential for natural disasters of various kinds.

Mississippi County is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and is subject to the threat of floodwaters at most anytime during the year.  The county is protected by a system of levees under the control of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  The Birds Point - New Madrid Floodway was designed by the U.S. Corps of Engineers to reduce the potential of flooding populated areas.  The "floodway plan" has been a subject of controversy for many years as local residents object to the plan in its current form, however revisions by the Corps have been made over the past several years in an effort to address the local concerns.

Mississippi County is located on the New Madrid Fault subjecting the county to the threat of a major earthquake at any time.  The great earthquake of 1812, which caused the formation of Reelfoot Lake in western Tennessee, and caused the Mississippi River to flow backward occurred along the New Madrid Fault.  Seismologists/Geologists predict that an earthquake of major proportions is due along the New Madrid Fault in the next fifty years.  Earthquakes along the fault occur on a regular basis but only the seismograph detects most during the constant monitoring of the fault.

Mississippi County, although not located in a "tornado zone" has its share of major thunderstorms with occasional tornadoes.  On many occasions, "micro bursts" have been mistaken for tornadoes as the high wind bursts caused major damage in parts of the county.  During the storm season, most of the major stormy weather seems to follow the river, which does not affect the populated areas of the county.

The Mississippi County Local Emergency Commission offers services in all types of disaster preparedness and offers assistance when natural disasters occur.  From "spotting" during stormy weather to manning roadblocks in the rural area of the county when floodwaters are prevalent, the LEPC is perpetually engaged in activities to save lives, minimize injuries, protect property, preserve functioning civil government and maintain economic activities essential to Mississippi County's survival and recovery from natural, technological and war-related disasters.  It establishes the guidelines for conduction efficient, effective, coordinated emergency operations involving the use of all resources belonging to Mississippi County or available to it.


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