Juvenile Division


Mississippi County Regional Juvenile Detention Center
The Mississippi County Regional Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) opened in 1999 and is a 16-bed secure detention center located in Charleston, Missouri.  Juveniles held in the facility are placed here either by a Juvenile Officer, Court Order, or the Division of Youth Services.  Numerous counties from southeast Missouri use the JDC.  The JDC consists of two “pods” which can hold a maximum of eight juveniles in each pod.  Males and females are housed in different pods and there is no contact between the genders.  A control room is located between the pods which affords unobstructed observation of the dayroom and sleeping rooms of each pod; the control room also controls entry/exit via remotely operated doors to all areas of the JDC where the juveniles are housed.

The JDC has its own classroom staffed by a teacher from the Charleston Public Schools to provide for the education of the juveniles while in detention.  The JDC staff also provides, in addition to formal education, many different programs for the juveniles such as Socialization Skills, Problem Solving, Understanding the Cycle of Offense, Anger Management, and other life skills lessons.  The JDC also offers juveniles the privilege of access to a small Library, dayroom TV (channels are selected and monitored by staff) and a few computers (no internet access) which the juveniles may use during certain times.

Our detention center uses the Cognitive Behavior Training (CBT) Program, which is an OJJDP Model Program, to provide a program of short-term education and cognitive skills building which offers juveniles the opportunity for success and the development of a positive self-image, gives frequent and accurate feedback for both positive and negative behavior, reduces/eliminates negative role models and negative peer support, and encourages the use of problem-solving and stress management strategies to address current problem areas.

The purpose of the JDC is to facilitate the care, protection, and secure detention of juveniles who come within the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Code.  Each juvenile placed at the JDC shall receive the care, guidance, and control to serve both the juvenile’s welfare and the best interests of the state. When such juvenile is removed from the control of the juvenile’s parents/guardians, this facility shall render him care as nearly as possible equivalent to that which should have been given the juvenile by the juvenile’s parents/guardians.   All policies and procedures of the JDC are designed in keeping with the child welfare policies of this state, the state standards for juvenile detention facilities, and Supreme Court Rules. 


200 W Commercial St.
Charleston, MO  63834
Fax: (573)-683-4068